Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 3: Say Goodbye

"Today throw something away that you like."

1/3/08:  I threw away my old computer mouse and my favorite jeans. My dogs chewed the mouse and I will never fit in the jeans again! :(

3/1/12:  I "threw away" a dress that I have had forever. I love it so much. Technically I gave it to my sister... but I also threw away some fun jewelry that I was VERY sure I was going to fix. It's been almost a year.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 2: The Love of Your Life

"Today, gaze at everyone wondering whether they might be the one true love of your life, the one destine for you and you alone, and whether you might be passing them by forever... Act in consequence." -This Book Will Change Your Life.

When I first got this book I made a few entries. Back in January of 2008 I wrote, "I don't think it's Randy! When will I find that one true love? I really didn't see anyone. Someday! Worked @ apple"

PRESENT:  I have gone through a few crushes. NOT the love of my life. I did see someone today that made me smile and I openly day dreamed of him. Unfortunately I work in a less populated area mostly with girls and my family. So I really only saw the one guy...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 1: Warm Up

SET ALL MY CLOCKS TO EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME.  I decided yesterday that I was going to do this task for my warm up. BORING I know but it was the only one that I haven't already done. Oddly enough I woke up at 3:00 am to a storm. The power had gone out and now my clocks really have to be reset. It's Kismet!! Sorry there is no pic. I didn't want to completely bore you to death.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Motivation

This made me laugh and then frown, because I realized I do this. WE ALL DO THIS!! There does need to be some sort of reward system. And there will be people that say "Getting healthy is the reward." I say WHATEVER!!! I don't care if it's a gold star on a chart I want a reward.

Ok... I want more than a gold star on a chart. In every book or magazine or program it says get a workout buddy. I have a hard time doing this but I would like the motivation. So I decided to get a friend involved in a different way. I figured how many pounds I wanted to lose and divided them up. I then created a reward for each goal. Or if you have a very trust worthy friend they can create the rewards and keep it a secret. Then you weigh in (with your friend) and when you reach your first goal you get your first reward.  Gift cards are awesome!! Gather all your rewards and give them to your friend. This will keep you honest! Here is my plan:

10lbs:  New Workout Video
20lbs:  New Weights
30lbs:  New Workout Clothes
40lbs:  New Pair of Sneakers
50lbs:  New Pair of Sexy Heels
60lbs:  New Outfit
70lbs:  New Lingerie

Get gift cards to all these places or actually buy the items ahead of time. Label them and write a note to your future skinner self. Then give it all to your friend. And remember... stay away from destructive rewards aka ice cream sundae.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cancer is a Drag

The Beta Sigma Phi - Sigma Chi (Liberal, KS Chapter) is hosting the 3rd Annual Cancer is a Drag Benefit. All the proceeds from the benefit will go towards a local charity.

Here is what it is:
1. Find Local Guys
2. Dress Guys in Drag (makeup, hair, everything)
3. Have guys strut their stuff for money
4. Crown the guy with the most money by the end of the night.

We also auction off awesome donated items and sell Cancer is a Drag merchandise!

Here is what we need:
1. Fun Guys!
2. Cash and Prize Donations
3. People to show up and make it fun!

Shirts will go on sale soon at Zazzle.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I WON A GRILL!!! I was at a work event and we raffled off a Brinkmann Satinless Steel All-In-One Grill. I never win anything and I won the grand prize! Needless to say I'm pumped. There are so many things I want to grill (fruit, pizza, etc) but it's not only a grill... it's also a smoker and fryer. It's either charcoal or propane. <3 

What do you suggest I grill?

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Last night I mentioned to my friends that I was craving chocolate covered bacon. It was strange to them because they have never heard of it. It was strange to me because I have never tasted it. BUT I have seen it on TV and online so it must be good! right?! IF DONE RIGHT it is good. I mean it is bacon and chocolate. It is unholy but wonderful.... like most sinful things.

When this odd conversation took place we happened to be in our local coffee/deli/bakery shop. The employees of this particular establishment practically dared me to try this concoction. I won't pass up a dare. Especially if it involves bacon and chocolate. Not much of a dare really. They didn't have hardening chocolate (like you would use for strawberries) so they went to the next best thing. They have a house made mocha syrup. "UNHOLY" Needless to say they were shocked when I did consume it.
Mocha Bacon
I want to make it the way it's suppose to be made and bring it to them. I googled a recipe and this was the search that popped up:

FIRST: I love that bacon is in 3rd. It beat pretzels and fruit.
SECONDLY:  WTF is a chocolate covered katie?!

Well I was reluctant to click so I had my friend find out on her phone. It's actually a baking blog so get your mind out of the gutter!!!

There were a lot of great recipes and pictures but this picture made it look tasty and less dueling banjos on a porch swing.

I dare you!