Thursday, April 21, 2011

ThrowBack Thursdays

It's coming back in style (phrase) - I'm too cheap to buy new clothes for my kids or myself.

Reality is, most things do come back in to style... except Madonna. She really must stop.

It is prom season and most of my friends have young daughters looking for something unique. Listening to my friends I heard a lot of "she was wearing the same dress as my daughter!!" or "How did her mother let her out of the house wearing that?!"

Well I have a fun alternative. Buy an original vintage dress! Sometimes they come with great stories and it makes for great girl talk. And if they don't come with a story about some torrid affair or love at first ice cream social... then you get to make one up. Because chances are your daughter wants the bedazzled, hot pink, cut up to here dress that all her friends were ogling in the latest teen vogue prom edition.

Where to buy? There are a lot of places to go in bigger cities. Hit up those antique shops and if they don't have any there is a good chance they know who does.

Do you live in the middle of nowhere like a certain blogger *hint hint*? You can either hit the search engine OR go to my favorite throwback website The dress featured above is from Etsy. Pair with a little costume jewelry and some adorable pumps and your girl is ready to go retro!

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  1. Hey she's Madonna! She can pull off anything! Especially abs..... those damn abs!