Thursday, August 11, 2011


Last night I mentioned to my friends that I was craving chocolate covered bacon. It was strange to them because they have never heard of it. It was strange to me because I have never tasted it. BUT I have seen it on TV and online so it must be good! right?! IF DONE RIGHT it is good. I mean it is bacon and chocolate. It is unholy but wonderful.... like most sinful things.

When this odd conversation took place we happened to be in our local coffee/deli/bakery shop. The employees of this particular establishment practically dared me to try this concoction. I won't pass up a dare. Especially if it involves bacon and chocolate. Not much of a dare really. They didn't have hardening chocolate (like you would use for strawberries) so they went to the next best thing. They have a house made mocha syrup. "UNHOLY" Needless to say they were shocked when I did consume it.
Mocha Bacon
I want to make it the way it's suppose to be made and bring it to them. I googled a recipe and this was the search that popped up:

FIRST: I love that bacon is in 3rd. It beat pretzels and fruit.
SECONDLY:  WTF is a chocolate covered katie?!

Well I was reluctant to click so I had my friend find out on her phone. It's actually a baking blog so get your mind out of the gutter!!!

There were a lot of great recipes and pictures but this picture made it look tasty and less dueling banjos on a porch swing.

I dare you!

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