Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Motivation

This made me laugh and then frown, because I realized I do this. WE ALL DO THIS!! There does need to be some sort of reward system. And there will be people that say "Getting healthy is the reward." I say WHATEVER!!! I don't care if it's a gold star on a chart I want a reward.

Ok... I want more than a gold star on a chart. In every book or magazine or program it says get a workout buddy. I have a hard time doing this but I would like the motivation. So I decided to get a friend involved in a different way. I figured how many pounds I wanted to lose and divided them up. I then created a reward for each goal. Or if you have a very trust worthy friend they can create the rewards and keep it a secret. Then you weigh in (with your friend) and when you reach your first goal you get your first reward.  Gift cards are awesome!! Gather all your rewards and give them to your friend. This will keep you honest! Here is my plan:

10lbs:  New Workout Video
20lbs:  New Weights
30lbs:  New Workout Clothes
40lbs:  New Pair of Sneakers
50lbs:  New Pair of Sexy Heels
60lbs:  New Outfit
70lbs:  New Lingerie

Get gift cards to all these places or actually buy the items ahead of time. Label them and write a note to your future skinner self. Then give it all to your friend. And remember... stay away from destructive rewards aka ice cream sundae.

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