Friday, May 13, 2011

13 things to avoid today

Here are some of the things to avoid, in order to have a successful Friday the 13th. Hopefully I am not too late! Yesterday my brother-in-law, Tanner, fell off a ladder and broke his nose. He is ok but his luck is no good. So start your day by not being him! Sorry Tanner.

1. If you break a mirror you have 7 years of bad luck. Technically if you break a mirror I think you already had bad luck.

2. Walking under a ladder (unless your fingers are crossed). It is also bad luck to walk by a ladder that Tanner is on. Most likely he will fall on you!

3. Throw Salt over your right shoulder if you spill it. This was actually meant to ward off the evil spirit that resides just over your right shoulder waiting to strike when you are sick. Or really piss off the people sitting at the table behind you.

4. Open an umbrella inside. It's just dumb... how do you out of the door?! Oh you can't? Well it must be bad luck and not stupidity. Who are you? Bullwinkle?!

5. If you place your purse on the floor you will go broke! Well ya... That's a horrible place for your money! Someone could easily steal it. Plus now we know that the bottom of our purses are the dirtiest (germ wise) of anything else we own because we put them on floors and we take them in bathrooms, then we put them on our kitchen counters... yummy!

6. Black Cat Cross Your Path?! You are doomed!! If you have a bad allergy to the moody and creepy little animals then I can see this being an issue. If you hit one with your car you might have to clean up cat bits! grosssss!!

7. Splitting the Pole (while walking, you have to let go of hands to go around an obstacle) aka Your super protective over lovey dovey partner just can't let go. grosssss!! haha

8. It's bad luck to see an owl during the daylight. Technically I think this is bad luck for the owl! He must be confused. You help him get back on his sleep schedule!!

9. Sparrows are believed to carry the souls of the dead and it is bad luck to kill one. I also believe in some states it is illegal... And birds carry diseases! Coming in to contact with any bird would be bad luck for sure!

10. If you sleep on a table you will have bad luck. Um... well ya! You will also have a horrible back ache and probably a pissed off roommate or spouse! I am assuming it's a table in your home... you could also really piss off a restaurant owner. Nothing good will come of this.

11. Breaking a glass while proposing a toast is bad luck. Again I have to agree with this one. It's especially unlucky to swallow glass. The host will also be really pissed that you just broke a glass and will probably spit in your dessert!

12. To pass anyone on a staircase is bad luck. To avoid the situation, turn around and don't let this person pass you or trip the person and give them all the bad luck. It is instant bad luck if the person is large and sweaty and the hallway is narrow.

13. The number one thing you shouldn't do on this date of all dates.... Don't go camping at Crystal Lake with your friend Jason.

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  1. Bwhahahaha this is great! I didn't know about the sleeping on a table. I may or may not have ever done this? I can't remember!