Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dorm Drama, Roomie Rants, and Grad Gifts

Ok it's been awhile since I've lived with anyone but when I did it was to the extreme. I asked for a single or a double and I got a suite with 3 other women. Holy COW!! DRAMA!! I'm sure I had my flaws but let's not focus on them! ha

DORM DRAMA: The hermit (photography major), The hippie (culinary major), and The dragon (animation major). Of course I shared the room with the dragon. She wasn't ugly... she collected dragon figurines. ya.... Her feet were sooo smelly. She left and was replaced by the swan (graphic design). She went to an all girls Catholic high school. She was thin, pretty and made me feel like the dragon. We were not happy together. Unfortunately we were in the same major and had a lot of the same friends. She ended up moving in with the hermit and the hippie moved in with me. Ultimately we moved into a duplex together but that is a story for another day. It was so tense and uncomfortable with the other girls. We basically split the suite in half.

ROOMIE RANTS: Tuna Casserole every other day?! Really?! Did you think I wouldn't notice my shirt on you?! How can one lose that much hair in the drain?! Gross!! WASH YOUR FEET!!! sigh. The best thing is to be respectful of others. The End.

GRAD GIFTS: Click here for a College Checklist. Most of this stuff I got from my party because my parents friends are amazing!! When your grad is writing their thank you’s have them check off what they received. Don't try and get all sentimental with pics and frames. They want to do that on their own and they have facespace with all their pics and such.

My favorites from the list are:
Closet: room and closet spray (be careful... in small spaces this could cause drama) and tiered hangers.
Walls & Doors: I love all this stuff! Most of it is under $5. Get it all! Don't get the media rack for theft reasons.
Desk: desktop organizing collection (keep it simple) and dry erase board.
Laundry: EVERYTHING!! Definitely a hamper. Don't get one that hangs on the door. The last thing anyone wants is a whiff of dirty socks when they walk in. This could also cause drama because they are using the only door. Do you remember those old film containers. They are the best for quarters. Whether its for parking or laundry it's one of those gifts I remember receiving!
Bath: Shower Tote and Makeup organizer. A vanity mirror that lights up and can fold up and be stored is awesome!
Storage: chip clips, microwave-safe food containers, and bedside storage.
Must-Haves: book light, tool box, and cleaning supplies (nothing with a heavy scent).

FROM THE GREATEST MOM AND DAD EVER: I personally feel this is a great idea. Make a list of everything you needed to know when you went to school (laundry, stain removal, how to change a tire, etc). Print on card stock, laminate, and 1hole punch the flashcards and loop them with a metal ring. Color-code them for laundry, cooking, health, car, and misc. Make sure to include the recipe to their favorite meal!

If you have a case of writers block make a list of everything you do around the house on an average day, when they are sick and if they are having a bad day. There are also checklists online for individual items like car maintenance. Make sure to personalize this.

Don't present this to them because there is a good chance it will make them feel like an idiot. Simply put it in their suitcase so they can discover it when unpacking. Don't put something mushy on there that might embarrass them in front of their new roomies (baby pics, poems, etc).

Any time they call for advice on something make a card. The next time they are home or you visit slip it in their luggage or in a drawer. This encourages independence!

Good Luck and have fun!!!

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